Our 2024 Itinerary
Our itinerary. It's all about the fun!
This event includes classes most days, but also unique excursions designed to enhance your fun.

We are still working to finalise the 2024 itinerary, but so far these are on the agenda:

* Flexible classes each day (times and content).
* A full day boat trip with food, drinks, swimming and maybe a class on a remote beach.
* Traditional Naxian/Greek cooking class.
* An easy stroll up Mount Zas - the highest mountain in the Cyclades. Stunning views!
* A totally unique dinner in an olive grove.
* A vineyard experience with yoga ,wine tasting and food.
* A tour of Naxos' Venetian Old Town (with a refreshment stop!)

...and several other options in the pipeline.... watch this space!

** Please note that planning for these events is in progress and they may change,
but we are committed to giving you the very best experience that we can.