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This is our take on the recent experience. It was a total BLAST..! We had so much fun. And we are going again in 2024. Look out Naxos!  

SHENANIGANS 2024 - The vibe!
After the stonking success of the first event on the beautiful
Greek island of Naxos in September 2023, we are going again in 2024.

This event is rooted in yoga, Pilates and some aqua fit, but this is NOT a retreat in the traditional sense.
There will be yoga, Pilates and aqua classes. These will take place around the pool or on the beach.
In some cases, they may take place in some other interesting locations.

But the emphasis for this trip is to enjoy yourself.
Have fun, relax, be a bit naughty, and enjoy every moment whether you are in a class,
joining one of our unique and bespoke excursions, or just taking time out for yourself to chill.

This event is for people who love to laugh, live and enjoy life in the warm Greek sunshine.

This event will take place in 2024 from the 19th to the 29th of September. 
Our 2024 Itinerary
Our itinerary. It's all about the fun!
This event includes classes most days, but also unique excursions designed to enhance your fun.

We are still working to finalise the 2024 itinerary, but so far these are on the agenda:

* Flexible classes each day (times and content).
* A full day boat trip with food, drinks, swimming and maybe a class on a remote beach.
* Traditional Naxian/Greek cooking class.
* An easy stroll up Mount Zas - the highest mountain in the Cyclades. Stunning views!
* A totally unique dinner in an olive grove.
* A vineyard experience with yoga ,wine tasting and food.
* A tour of Naxos' Venetian Old Town (with a refreshment stop!)

...and several other options in the pipeline.... watch this space!

** Please note that planning for these events is in progress and they may change,
but we are committed to giving you the very best experience that we can.

These are some of the reviews from our lovely customers from the 2023 experience.


I feel for the first Shenanigans trip everything was perfect 😍 I’m very sure that lots of time thought and energy went into organising this wonderful event And you all ticked all the boxes for me Thank you 🙏 all


Amazing time - so grateful to all 4 of you for the effort and care you put in to ensure everyone had the best time. Loved the boat trip. Loved the vineyard and yoga there - was such a special memory. The beach yoga was amazing Thank you all so much 🤍


Pilates and aqua fit were hilarious. Trips out were great fun. Accommodation was lovely with fruit and rolls a wonderful touch Sunset yoga was not for me but that is personal opinion rather than anything wrong.


All of the Trips were great, varied , and Nicely spaced out over the 10 days, so chill time in between was well balanced and appreciated. Pippa and George’s classes were fabulous and lovely setting by the pool All in All, The most amazing experience , with an amazing group of people. Very well organised. You did us proud


I amazed myself with some of the things I did - downward dog? - not in a million years, but I did it, and was so proud! The various excursions would be hard to better, never had so much fun and so many mind opening experiences.


I just want to say I enjoyed every minute of it. 🙂🙂 Thank you


I absolutely loved being part of this yoga retreat experience. It did me the world of good. We couldn’t have wished for a better bunch of people. I felt everyone bonded together so well we laughed we cried we swam we sang we ate we drank and then we laughed some more! we have made so many new friends. This is all down to you Pippa, Gordon, George and Dean taking a chance on us!


ab fab trip and definitely want to go next year. Many thanks to you all for organising it. Xx


Sunset yoga got good instead of excellent from me because it just isn’t my glass of ouzo. But I’d do it again just to chill on the beach.

How to book
Please understand that we are NOT travel agents.

The price of this experience includes professional, instructor led classes, and excursions whilst on Naxos.
More details of these excursions will be given in OUR ITINERARY.

Your travel to Naxos and your accommodation on Naxos is your responsibility.
We will happily provide our travel and accommodation suggestions to help you.

You can find these suggestions on the HOW TO BOOK section of this site.
You can also CONTACT us for our advice based on your circumstances.

Please note that the price of this event is from the 19th to the 29th of September 2024.
You may want to extend your stay and spend a few more days on Naxos,
explore the nearby islands or spend some time in Athens. The choice is yours.
How to book this event
This event is limited to SIXTEEN people only. It is unique!
We take the personal and intimate experience seriously.

The price of this experience is £795 for 10 nights on Naxos.
This price includes all of your classes and excursions.
It does not include your flights and accommodation.

We will require a non-refundable deposit of £150 to secure your place.
This deposit will need to be paid by the 31st of December 2023.
The balance (£645) will be required by the 30th of June 2024.

Once you have paid the initial deposit to secure your place,
we are very happy to offer a monthly instalment plan for
the remaining balance. If this would be your preference,
please contact us using the email address below.

If you want more information or want details of how to pay,
please email us at
How to book your accommodation
Most of the classes will take place around the pool at Aggelikis Diamond Studios in Agia Anna, Naxos.
We have known the family and owners of these studios for over 10 years.
The rooms are of a high standard and very clean.

Next door to these apartments is Farma Apartments which are slightly cheaper but still of a high standard.
All of these apartments are just a few minutes walk to some fabulous beaches and chilled bars and tavernas.

Poppy's apartments (Aggeliki Diamond) website is
Kiki's apartments (Farma) website is 

If you want to contact Poppy about her rooms or those in Farma,
please email Poppy at 

Of course, you are welcome to sort your own accommodation elsewhere.
Just remember that the event is based in Agia Anna, Naxos.

As all of our 2023 guests will say, the general meeting point is Poppy's Place
for breakfast, coffee, or for beer and wine after a stressful day of doing very little!

** Please note that we can recommend accommodation, but all interaction and bookings
will be direct with Poppy and her family. We are happy to provide advice, suggestions and guidance,
but dealing with your accommodation is your responsibility.
How to book your travel
The wonderful island of Naxos does not have an international airport or a port that can accommodate cruise ships.
This means that the island is not over-run with package holidays so it retains it's charm.

There are two ways of getting to Naxos.

1. Fly from most UK airports to Athens (3.5 hours) and then fly from Athens to Naxos (30 minutes).
2. Fly from most UK airports to Athens and then take a ferry from Piraeus or Rafina.

We recommend option 1. as it is not much more expensive and you will save 2 days of your holiday
as the ferries take several hours each way between Athens and Naxos and back.

Whichever you choose, please CONTACT US with your thoughts and we will give you our best
advice based on years of travelling to Naxos. There will also be lots of advice in the FAQ section of this site.

These are a few of the frequently asked questions. If you have any others, please CONTACT us. No question is silly!

We are NOT travel agents.  The cost of this event is for a unique set of classes and excursions on Naxos.

We ask that anyone who would like to join this event arranges their own accommodation and travel. We will happily provide help and advice for you.

Some of the excursions will include a meal, but we reserve the right to ask for contributions towards drinks (particularly alcoholic drinks).

We have YEARS of experience travelling to Naxos, so please do CONTACT us before booking anything and we will give you our suggestions that should suit your circumstances and needs.
We can provide lots of advice and guidance to help you sort your travel. Just CONTACT us.  We're a friendly and helpful bunch!

Our recommended route of travel is to fly from the UK to ATHENS, and then a short 30 minute flight from ATHENS to NAXOS.

Most major UK airports offer flights to Athens. The trick is in the timing so that you can make the full journey to Naxos in ONE day. This avoids an overnight stay in or around Athens. But then you might want some time in Athens. It's your choice.

From Athens airport, SKY EXPRESS and OLYMPIC AIR offer flights to Naxos. It is a more expensive way to make the trip, but it is a 30 minute flight instead of up to 6 hours on a ferry.

Once you arrive at Athens airport and you decide that the ferry is for you, you can take a taxi to either PIRAEUS or RAFINA ports. The ferries can take between 3.5 and 6 hours to get to Naxos (depending on whether you get the "jet" boats or not).

There are MANY options here. Please feel free to CONTACT us to discuss what might suit you.

We recommend Aggeliki Diamond Studios in Agia Anna, Naxos.

These apartments are owned by Poppy and her family and they are of a very good standard and are very clean. All rooms have WIFI, a kitchenette, fridge, kettle and hair dryer.

Her apartments are around the pool where most of our classes will take place. Poppy also has her own taverna just a minute away - which instinctively becomes the common gathering place for refreshment and catching up on the day.

You will also be just a few minutes away from some wonderful beaches, bars and restaurants.

Next door to Poppy's Place (as we call it), is a relative who has slightly cheaper apartments called Farma. Again, these are of a very good standard and very close to the beach.

In all cases, please email Poppy to discuss dates and prices.  

We are also happy to help you with any advice before contacting Poppy. Just use our CONTACT form. 
Naxos is a very chilled island. To make your travelling easier and less stressful, we recommend taking cabin bags only on your flights. You really do not need a big wardrobe. Handwashed items dry very quickly as September is a lovely warm month.

Naxos airport is tiny. Your accommodation is only 10 minutes from the airport. Where possible, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation. Failing that, there will be loads of taxis waiting outside.

Agia Anna has a couple of good mini-markets with all the basics you should need.

In the main town (CHORA) there are a couple of very good supermarkets with absolutely everything else you will need.

Cash machines are everywhere and most shops and restaurants accept debit and credit cards.

Just use our CONTACT form. We're happy to help.

Please contact us to register your interest for the 2024 event, or for payment details to secure your place on this unique trip. Also, if you need any advice about travelling and accommodation, please ask here. We are VERY happy to help.