How to book this event
This event is limited to SIXTEEN people only. It is unique!
We take the personal and intimate experience seriously.

The price of this experience is £795 for 10 nights on Naxos.
This price includes all of your classes and excursions.
It does not include your flights and accommodation.

We will require a non-refundable deposit of £150 to secure your place.
This deposit will need to be paid by the 31st of December 2023.
The balance (£645) will be required by the 30th of June 2024.

Once you have paid the initial deposit to secure your place,
we are very happy to offer a monthly instalment plan for
the remaining balance. If this would be your preference,
please contact us using the email address below.

If you want more information or want details of how to pay,
please email us at