How to book your accommodation
Most of the classes will take place around the pool at Aggelikis Diamond Studios in Agia Anna, Naxos.
We have known the family and owners of these studios for over 10 years.
The rooms are of a high standard and very clean.

Next door to these apartments is Farma Apartments which are slightly cheaper but still of a high standard.
All of these apartments are just a few minutes walk to some fabulous beaches and chilled bars and tavernas.

Poppy's apartments (Aggeliki Diamond) website is
Kiki's apartments (Farma) website is 

If you want to contact Poppy about her rooms or those in Farma,
please email Poppy at 

Of course, you are welcome to sort your own accommodation elsewhere.
Just remember that the event is based in Agia Anna, Naxos.

As all of our 2023 guests will say, the general meeting point is Poppy's Place
for breakfast, coffee, or for beer and wine after a stressful day of doing very little!

** Please note that we can recommend accommodation, but all interaction and bookings
will be direct with Poppy and her family. We are happy to provide advice, suggestions and guidance,
but dealing with your accommodation is your responsibility.