SHENANIGANS 2024 - The vibe!
After the stonking success of the first event on the beautiful
Greek island of Naxos in September 2023, we are going again in 2024.

This event is rooted in yoga, Pilates and some aqua fit, but this is NOT a retreat in the traditional sense.
There will be yoga, Pilates and aqua classes. These will take place around the pool or on the beach.
In some cases, they may take place in some other interesting locations.

But the emphasis for this trip is to enjoy yourself.
Have fun, relax, be a bit naughty, and enjoy every moment whether you are in a class,
joining one of our unique and bespoke excursions, or just taking time out for yourself to chill.

This event is for people who love to laugh, live and enjoy life in the warm Greek sunshine.

This event will take place in 2024 from the 19th to the 29th of September.