These are a few of the frequently asked questions. If you have any others, please CONTACT us. No question is silly!

September is a lovely time of year to go to Naxos. It will be very pleasantly warm, even in the evenings and should be sunny and dry. There may be windy days and a very occasional rain storm, but these are rare - and that's what tavernas are for!

We strongly recommend that you travel light. Naxos is very chilled and relaxed and in no way a fashion show. A 10Kg overhead cabin bag and an under-seat bag should be more than enough. Hand-washing dries very quickly and not taking a suitcase saves you money and faff at the airport waiting for baggage reclaim, especially if your flight is running a little late.  Naxos has some lovely shops and boutiques so if you forget something it really doesn't matter!

It's worth travelling in a light jacket to use in case you feel the evening chill but we doubt that you will need it. Please also bring some trainers for our excursion walks. These can be your travel gear so it doesn't count against your luggage allowance.

As regards liquids, the 100ml restriction is coming to an end but sadly not in time for Shenanigans. You really don't need to bring a lots of liquids or "products". Your local mini-markets will have all the basics. In the main town there are pharmacies and a couple of excellent supermarkets that will have everything else that you might need.

A top-tip. If you want to bring any products over 100ml, consider buying them at the airport (Boots?) and getting them sealed as part of your duty free. This includes sun protection cream. This way, it doesn't count towards your luggage allowance.

For your yoga and Pilates classes, we urge you to bring a folding yoga mat. These are very cheap on Amazon, easy to pack, lightweight and perfect for the job. 
From what we know, all of you Parti Pants are staying in accommodation that has a kitchenette with a fridge, an electric hob, cutlery, cooking utensils and crockery. The local mini-markets will have all the basics that you will need for in-room catering.  If you are not staying at Poppy's or Kiki's, please check with your accommodation provider if you are unsure.

For those staying at Poppy's or Kiki's, there will be a kettle, hair dryer and plug-in mosquito devices that use tablets. We do suggest bringing a couple of travel adapters or one attached to a UK extension lead.

We can only comment on Poppy's and Kiki's, but most accommodation that we know of has air-conditioning. Just so you know, most air-conditioning units are set to not work if you have windows and doors open.

Tap water is generally safe to drink, but most people find it has a strange minerally taste that is not to everyone's liking. It is certainly safe for bathing and cleaning teeth. Bottled water is very widely available and inexpensive.

Ah, yes! Greek plumbing. The standard phrase is, IF IT HASN'T COME OUT OF YOU, DO NOT PUT IT DOWN THE LOO. It's not a big deal. A small bin is provided in the bathroom for non-organic waste. Standard practice in Greece.
It's no secret that Greeks generally prefer cash. That said, the Greek Government is slowly clamping down on this.  On Naxos everywhere likes cash, but they are also more than happy to take debit and credit cards. We would recommend always having a bit of cash about your person - especially if you are heading off the beaten track!

There are numerous cash machines in Agia Anna and loads more in the main town. There is no need to change loads of money before you come.
We STRONGLY recommend arranging your travel insurance as soon as possible. This is especially important if you have to cancel your trip for some reason. Then you can recover all of your outlay costs (flights, deposits etc.).

But most importantly, make sure that you have good medical cover. This is a must for the world-over.

Also, please ensure that you have a valid EHIC or GHIC card so that basic medical needs can be catered for should you need it.

The pharmacies on Naxos are very good generally, especially the ones in the main town. You can get almost every type of medication over the counter without prescription. They are usually cheaper than the UK prescription charge too!
There are a couple of car hire places in Agia Anna.  Cars can be rented by the day or for longer.  You will need your driving license.

We strongly urge you not to rent the quad bikes or mopeds. Whilst they may look fun, they are notoriously dangerous and often not well maintained. The local medical centre in Naxos will attest to the fact that many of their medical cases during the summer are accidents involving quad bikes and mopeds.