How to book your travel
The wonderful island of Naxos does not have an international airport or a port that can accommodate cruise ships.
This means that the island is not over-run with package holidays so it retains it's charm.

There are two ways of getting to Naxos.

1. Fly from most UK airports to Athens (3.5 hours) and then fly from Athens to Naxos (30 minutes).
2. Fly from most UK airports to Athens and then take a ferry from Piraeus or Rafina.

We recommend option 1. as it is not much more expensive and you will save 2 days of your holiday
as the ferries take several hours each way between Athens and Naxos and back.

Whichever you choose, please CONTACT US with your thoughts and we will give you our best
advice based on years of travelling to Naxos. There will also be lots of advice in the FAQ section of this site.